Thank you!

Many thanks to all who attended and helped to organize our fundraising event at Circus Cinema, Martinborough!

The Q&A following the screening, moderated by John Ansell (head of Word Club) was one of the most lively and in-depth that Robin has encountered for the film anywhere in the world.

Special thanks to Iris Lai of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office for providing an information table and raffle items – as well as to Libby Paterson for her generous and creative offering of a lemon/lottery tree as the raffle’s main prize.

Thanks also goes to John Taylor of the Martinborough Lions Club, who invited Robin to address the club in the lead up to the event, and to Circus Cinema Café for their sumptuous catering.   The event has helped us to move towards our initial target to begin the first stages of editing during August/September.


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